Comparaison de consoles de jeux Xbox One vs PS 4

Voici une excellente manière de comparer les consoles de jeux vidéos Xbox One et PS 4:

via imgur

Cette infographie réalisée par yamamoto114 sur distingue les deux produits selon leurs caractéristiques réciproques, de manière trés détaillée et technique:

8th-Gen Console Comparison (Xbox One vs PS4)

A comprehensive comparison between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hardware. All facts are limited to what has officially been announced. Tech analysis comes from Anandtech.

More powerful chips and/or any features exclusive to a platform are colored blue. Any restrictions or features that were removed vs prior generations will be in red.

I’m going to be constantly updating this image as more facts roll in. If you guys can continue to point out errors and updates and other things like that, that’ll definitely help me keep this factsheet accurate. Thanks!

2013 Jun 10

– Mirror’s Edge, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Crew, added to Multiplatform. (Thanks everyone!)
– Mad Max moved to Multiplatform (Thanks /u/hlfx!)
– Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV moved to Multiplatform (Thannks
– DDR3 and GDDR5 offer distinct advantages over each other but are otherwise quite balanced. They have been colored orange to indicate their contested and arguable quality in comparison to each other. (Thanks /u/MrVendetta!)
– Pricing added to PS4 (Thanks /u/analsaurs!)
– PlayStation Plus required for online gaming (Thanks /u/AverageToaster!)
– TwitchTV integration added to the Xbox One Gameplay Sharing section.
– PS4 has a 500GB HDD (Thanks /u/cerealLogiq!)
– PS4 audio/video signals confirmed to be 1080p, 4K, and 7.1 surround sound.
– Added family game sharing policy to Xbox side (Thanks /u/JohnCHellblazer!)

2013 Jun 9 EDITS Pt. 3 (Sony E3 Conference)

– Major changes to Games section. Now segmented into combinations based on platform availability. Font size decreased.
– Added a slew of newly announced titles for PlayStation 4.
– Added pricing details for PlayStation 4.
– Confirmed no used game policy restrictions for PlayStation 4.

2013 Jun 9 EDITS Pt. 2

– Titanfall confirmed for Xbox 360 and PC. Changed to 8th-gen Exclusivity status. (Thanks /u/swordmaster006!)
– Dark Souls II removed from list; not available for any 8th-gen consoles. (Thanks /u/FuriousBobcat!)
– Modified Xbox Live Gold benefits to indicate that the Two Free Permanent Games Per Month promotion is between June and December of 2013 only. (Thanks ~RemmyLee!)
– Added a PC tag to DC Universe Online. (Thanks /u/DinkaFox!)
– Modified XBO Operating System to Triple-OS system. (Thanks /u/1w1w1w1w1!)
– Moved Diablo III to PS4 8th-Gen Exclusives, since it will not be appearing on XBO. (Thanks /u/whitenickel!)
– Removed World of Tanks, as it is Xbox 360 only.

2013 Jun 9 EDITS (Microsoft E3 Conference)

– Lots of games added to both sides.
– Updated Subscription Service with details for Xbox Live.
– Added Game Sharing section, updated details for XBO.
– Updated XBO Gameplay Record with details on « Game DVR » feature
– Added Price section with details for XBO

2013 May 23 EDITS Pt. 2

– Changed « Online Gaming » to « Online Service ». Reverted both sides to « Unconfirmed ». (Thanks /u/CannibalShinobi!)
– Expanded « Gameplay Share » section to include additional details. Added « Livestreaming with Spectator Control » and « Rewind Feature ». (Thanks /u/Dooder39!) Added « Supported » to XBO side. (Thanks /u/Rea95!)
– Clarified XBO’s exclusives list to indicate that the additional exclusives are within the first year of console launch, rather than within 2013. (Thanks /u/emcgrew!)
– Reworked the « Software » section, splitting it into two: « Software » and « Networking ».
– Added « Online Store » to Networking section. Added « Xbox Live Marketplace » to XBO and « PlayStation Store » with « Stream games while downloading » to PS4 side. (Thanks /u/Dooder39!)
– Added « Need for Speed: Rivals » to multiplatform section.

2013 May 23 EDITS (Microsoft Xbox One Reveal)

– Added the 32MB eSRAM to Hardware side, which massively increases bandwidth for shaders and post-processing effects. Recolored RAM accordingly. (Thanks /u/jcooklsu!)
– Added a section detailing RAM distribution. Xbox One confirmed to have 5GB for Gaming, 3GB for OS. PS4 rumored to have 7GB for Gaming, 1GB for OS. (Thanks /u/Thisismypornacccct!)
– Compressed the standard wireless controller comparisons into smaller-font elements, due to the number of significant differences between the two controllers
– Added « Cloud Computing » to Xbox One features.
– Changed « Gameplay Share » for XBO from « Supported » to « Unconfirmed ». (Thanks /u/graepphone!)
– Added « Built-In Speaker », « Six-Axis Controls », and « LED Light Bar » and removed « Pressure-Sensitive Face Buttons » from DualShock 4 features. (Thanks /u/AngryMobe!)
– Games list has been revamped, so that games restricted to a single 8th-gen console but available on older platforms are still listed. Markers denote which other non-8th-gen platforms the game will be available for. So far, this has only affected the PS4 side of the list. (Thanks, fucking everyone. -.-)
– Added « Primal Carnage: Genesis » to the Intergenerational PS4 Exclusives list. (Thanks /u/usrevenge!)
– Added « Online Gaming » to Software section. Added « Free » to PS4 and « Requires Xbox Live Gold Subscription » to XBO. (Thanks /u/repaeR_mirG!)
– Changed PS4 Used Game support to « Supported ». (Thanks /u/usrevenge!)
– Font changed from Futura LT family to Myriad Pro family. (gtfo /u/_UNFUN!)
– Added white fadeout at bottom of list.

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